2019 Nationals

Forms for Nationals:

Housing Form is due February 20.

Medical Form is due March 2.

Family Rooms:  The “Participants” (Quizzers/Coaches/Officials) will be assigned rooms in our SBQ block of rooms.  The price for a family room is based on the number of nights, number of people, and their ages.   Parents need to contact Greg for an exact price for their situation.  Please call Greg at 816-896-7057 (evening calls).  All fees are due at the March 2nd practice.  

Quizzers:  If you are wanting to purchase the BQF National T-shirt, you must pre-order the shirt and pay $8.50 at the March 2nd practice.   The shirts may not be available on site.

Team Name:  Riven
Head Coach:  Andrea Sander
Assistant:  Caleb Monnington
Elijah Price
Maggie Monnington
Katelyn Sander
Jenny Chasteen
Jeremiah Price
Caleb McClurg
Lizzie Price

Team Name:  Moxie
Head Coach:  Richard Dietzel
Assistant:  Angie Phillips
Solomon Price
Casey Hubbard
Enoch Phillips
Darrick Pramann
Kat Pennington
Nathan Aubrey
Molly LaPointe

Team Name:
Head Coach:  Mark Monnington
Assistant:  Corban Phillips
Tirza Reichert
Jill Godshall
Kurtis Schweikert
Noah Monnington
Kaitlyn McMurray
Andrew Kassing
Laura Hickox

Team Name: Dynamite
Head Coach:  Brian Sander
Assistant:  Jesse Gunkel
Susie Aulgur
Caleb Hubbard
Craig Pramann
Grace Hubbard
Seth Gunkel
Kevin Schweikert
Mackenzie Sander

Team Name:  Eclipse
Head Coach:  Angela Roe
Assistant:  Annette Meyers
Julia Aubrey
Ruthie Clements
Travis Aulgur
Aben Kassing
Amanda Davis
Jeremy Meyers
Anna Roe

Team Name:
Head Coach:  Hannah Schweikert
Assistant:  Bill Hubbard
Grant Hubbard
Natalie Smith
Hannah Um
Jesse Hubbard
Sarah Sawyer
Raymond Jennings
Lydia Um

Team Name: Written
Head Coach:  Tim Meyers
Assistant:  Kevin Schweikert
Kira Serig
Brock Schweikert
Julia Petsch
Kaleb Schweikert
Mark Meyers
Melody Davis
Sarah Rickman

Table Officials:
Peter Gossell
Daniel Hickox
Daniel Washburn
Karen Washburn
Thomas Gossell
Noah Phillips
Hannah Monnington
Abigail Gunkel
Hannah McClurg

SBQ Staff:
Greg Gossell
Nancy Gossell
Joi Monnington
Sherina Hubbard
Kristy McMurray

KC & Midland Team:
Head Coach:  Tim McMurray
Assistant:  Kristy McMurray
Karis Barr
Josh Barr
Fairth Barr
Liberty Ralls
Trustin Serig
Josiah Price
Ian McMurray
Jordan Smith